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Here you can buy Ukash vouchers, which is universal vouchers that can be accepted at one of the thousands of Ukash-friendly websites, included casino, internet shops and Voip IP telephony.It is 19-digit voucher number Starting with 6337180.


Type - E-mail

Example: Ukash -  


You must have a credit card number, an expiration date and a cvv2 code ( (three-digit numbers printed in the signature space on the back of all credit/debit cards)), also a cell phone number ( Mobile ).

Instructions for users-customers who buying by visa, MasterCard, Credit Card for the first time using :

  1. In our site choose which you want to buy, simply write your information as required such as username ,E-mail,...Then click on Buy.
  2. You will be redirected to the Liqpay payment page. You need a credit card number, an expiration date and a cvv2 code, also a mobile phone number.
  3. Then you will receive sms from containing Password, you have to enter this password to complete the payment at the Liqpay payment page. You will get this SMS within 5 minutes, but usually it comes much faster, depends on your country and your mobile operator.
  4. After your payment will be succesful, you should contact Liqpay support for verification of your credit card. Normally it takes 40 minutes to verify your credit Card. This is only one time verification.
  5. Liqpay will confirm the payment with us and we will proceed your order.
  6. As soon as your Credit card is verified, you will get a SMS message from Liqpay. It means your Credit card payment was approved.
  7. The SMS message will look like this: ( You have sent $.$$ USD to MERCHANT successfully - ) Once your Credit Card is verified by Liqpay. All payments and exchanges afterwards will be fast, instant and automatic.

How I see the status of My Payment:

  1. Enter to secure processor payments:
  2. click on: Log In / My Balance, enter your cell phone number, the Liqpay system will send a SMS with a password to you cell phone.
  3. Enter the password and see in My Transactions your payment state.
  4. My payment has the status of "ON CHECK" What should I do now?. Contact with Liqpay Support Chat, if this is the first time you buy, to seek security verification of your credit/debit card. If you have boughts several times, ask for an explanation with Liqpay support online.

After the payment will be succesful, we will send to your e-mail, ukash vouchers during 5 minute in our working hours.


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